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  1. Participating  teams are divided in two poules of 4 teams and play an half competition on Saturday. Sunday cross finales will take place, followed by finales.
  2. All games will have a duration of 2x25minutes. All cross finales and endgames on Sunday, if ended in a draw will be decided by a penalty shoot out. Only the finale for 1st and 2nd place have an extension of 2x7.5min if ended in a draw and as necessary a penalty shoot out.
  3. Before each game a coin toss will be carried out by referee, and will determine  direction (winner of toss) and possession (looser).
  4. All games will be played according the FIFA/UEFA laws and are according IFAB rules.
  5. Each player which is send of by means of red card or two yellow cards in one game  will be automatically suspended  for the next game. Each player who collects his 2nd  yellow cards in the tournament will be suspended for the next game.
  6. All referees will be KNVB licensed referees.
  7. The referee will be assisted by two independent and experienced linesmen.
  8. The tournament is open for players born after 1-1-2002, each team is allowed to have 5 exemption players which are born not before 1-1-2001. But the restriction is that there are not more than 3 exemption players in the game.
  9. During the tournament the normal substitution rules are in place, per game 5 field players  or 4 field players and one goal keeper.
  10. Each team is responsible to be in time at each game. Is a team 5 min too late than  the official scheduled starting time of the game, it will loose this game with 3-0.
  11. If the shirts of both teams are similar or too much a look a like, then the  team that is mentioned first in the official program should change it shirts. If any doubt the referee will decide.
  12. Every team, before the tournament starts, must register all their players at the organisation. The list must mentions; name, first name, date of birth, and fixed shirt nr.
  13. The amount of points per team decides the ranking in the two poules. Every win will be awarded with 3 points, a draw 1 point. If two or more teams are equal at the end in points in the poule than the result of the match between teh two teams will decide. If this was a draw, the goal differential will decide. Is this also equal then the scored goals will decide. If the result is still equal then a shoot out with penalties will decide. Five penalty kicks will be taken by each team by 5 different players. If still no decision is obtained then penalty kick is taken turn by turn till one team misses.
  14. If the goal differential is obtained by misbehaviour of the counter party then the organisation together with referee will decide over the outcome. This decision of the organisation is final.
  15. Both teams competing in the finale are expected they will confirm there attendance for the 2021 tournament.
  16. The exchange of club banners before each game is a normal practise at this tournament.
  17. Officials and players who are participating in this tournament should take care of their own health insurance during their stay in The Netherlands.
  18. The organisation of the tournament is responsible for all sportive activities in relation with the tournament. It is open for suggestion, protests and complains, but it will not deal with complains regarding decisions made by the referees.
  19. All radio and television rights are for the organisation.
  20. The tournament organisation and V.V. Breskens are not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of personal belongings of participants and/or visitors.